Young & stupid

† God throw me an Acid †

i wrote this awhile ago and i added two more stanzas and edited all pretty and i think it turned out pretty great
I’d buy it if it was in black.
- Ancient proverb (via suspend)


one thing i hate is when parents refuse to let their kid(s) dye their hair


who’s fucking hair is it??????? is iT THE FAMILY HAIR?????????

It’s not something I’m consciously aware of when I’m creating or have been creating our identity. But, it’s something that you can’t ignore due to people’s reaction both live and I suppose as a response from – I know that people find us attractive in that way. I know that. ‘Cause we’ve been told it. You can’t really ignore it. I’m obsessed with romance and sex and everything in-between and all the connotations that it provides and all the things that, how exciting the whole thing is…It’s the idea of, this album is kind of like an idealized vision of our lives.
- Matty when asked about The Sex Appeal (via settledownhealy)